A4G LLP - Chartered Accountants

Since 1998, we have worked closely with A4G (Accountants for Growth) and have been continually involved in all of their marketing, branding and website materials.


The main A4G website has been built into the open-source Concrete 5 CMS with bespoke HTML templates coded using Bootstrap 3. The site also features HTML5 video and a blog section.

As well as the design and build of the A4G main website (www.a4g-llp.co.uk), Snap Design have also built several sub-branded websites for them.

The A4G branding, logo and stationary was designed by us, along with on-going seminar flyers, emails, booklets, help sheets and newsletters. In fact, anything that the client has asked for that produces a more visually appealing and professional design whether it’s digital or printed, we have always delivered for them.

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