IIED Case Study

Client: IIED – International Institute for Environment and Development

Project: Animation video - 'Powering global change through partnership'

We recently collaborated with a leading kent-based graphic design agency, Arc Creative Solutions and their client, IIED (International Institute for Environment and Development) on a short video animation.


Arc had designed the 2016/17 annual report for IIED and the client required a promotional film to accompany the report and publicise how the Institute works with its partners from around the globe to deliver change at the local, national and international level.

After discussions with the client, a brief was formulated with the concept of the video revolving around 5 key case studies, each identified in the film by a coloured revolving cog. The idea was to emphasise how all the IIED partners work together. At the beginning of the film, none of the cogs appear to be working. After each case study, the relevant cog meshes into place and by the end, all 5 cogs are working together in harmony.

The animation had to follow a similar style to the report, so we ensured that some of the graphical elements and layout were consistent with the printed report.


The animated video, entitled "Powering change through partnership", shows examples of how IIED is working with partners on issues such as food security, securing land rights, sustainable urban development and international climate change negotiations. NAP Design created many of the graphics from scratch including animated maps of African countries as well as the moving cogs.

You can view the finished animation below.

For more information, visit http://www.iied.org/new-video-highlights-how-iieds-partnerships-deliver-change