Content Management Systems (CMS)

"Because updating your site should be child's play"

Here at Snap Design, we believe updating your own website should not be a chore and involve learning complicated systems in order to make simple changes to your site pages.

For the uninitiated, a Content Management System (or CMS for short) is just an online web application that has been built into your website to allow a non-technical person to make edits and additions to the site without having to call up a web designer, everytime they want an update.

There are now a whole raft of systems on the market, including many that are ‘Open Source’ which means there are no huge licence fees to pay, just the cost of getting an experienced professional like ourselves to build, set up and configure the site and CMS for you. Sounds straight forward? Well it can be but different Content Management Systems have varying levels of complexity. Some of the most popular open source platforms such as WordPress and Joomla can be completely baffling to a non-technical users and be 'over-engineered' for a client’s basic needs.

That is why we provide 2 different CMS solutions for our clients. The first is a 'plugged in' CMS editor provided by a third party that is very quick for us to set up or ‘bolt on’ to an existing website to enable you to make simple edits and is ideally suited to small websites with a handful of pages.

The second system we provide is called Concrete 5. Although it is not the most well-known CMS on the market (remember, most popular doesn’t always mean the best), we believe it provides the most intuitive interface for the end user. As well as being great for simple updates, it also has some very powerful tools should you require more functionality.

For more information about Concrete 5 CMS, click here.

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If you would like a demonstration of either systems, please contact us on 07904 590437 or drop us a line.